18 March 2006

Dead Meat!

I am eagerly anticipating Evan Coyne Maloney's upcoming film, Indoctrinate U. Now, they've got most of their footage together, and need to tweak things here and there, so it should be out, hopefully sometime within the next few months.

So, to sort of bide the time, I went over to On The Fence Films to see what other projects were in the works. I had already seen Brainwashing101 (I have a copy of it downloaded to my computer), as well as Evan's other shorts (found over at Brain-Terminal), and knew his business partner, Stuart Browning, had done a documentary on Canadian Health Care.

I just finished watching it. Wow. If people are buying Hillary & Ted's push for socialized health care, they need to watch this film: Dead Meat.

In short, if Canada is having problems managing its own health care system, with a population of around 35 million, imagine the larger problems with ours.

2-3 year waiting lists...leading to drug addiction in some cases as patients wait out the pain with increasing doses of Oxycontin...some even die while waiting.

Caught your interest? Watch the film!

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