03 March 2006

Iran Still Doesn't Believe It...But They're Trying

From Newsmax: Iran Wants to Inspect Auschwitz


"With an international showdown fast approaching, Iran once again upset Jewish organizations and raised Western ire by questioning the Holocaust. This time, Iran proposed sending a team of investigators to conduct on-site inspections of Nazi concentration camps, in advance of a Tehran-sponsored conference to debate the 'real scale of the Holocaust.'"

The plan was quickly rejected by Polish Foreign Minister Stefan Miller.

"Under no circumstances should we permit this," Miller told the Polish press agency PAP. "This is beyond all imaginable norms that such a thing is discussed."

Details are scant, but I find Poland's reaction both praiseworthy and condemnable. Praiseworthy as an attempt to keep the Holocaust from being trivialized, condemnable because they turned away the chance to teach a group of non-believers.

Of course, I'm certain that Iran would stick to its opinions regardless of its findings, and I'm sure Poland saw that outcome five moves in advance, and simply decided to save time and aggravation.

Iran, you can't determine the scale of the Holocaust by one camp. It happened all over Europe.

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