28 March 2006

Fairbanks Shopping Spree

While I'm out here in one of AK's major population centers (the other two being Anchorage and Juneau), I'm taking advantage of all the gun shops to stock up.

Accomplished so far:

Gawked at a few of Fairbanks' finest citizens.

Man, I haven't seen an afro like that since the 1970s.

I guess you need it in these kinds of temperatures.

I Raided Down Under Guns for some accessories,

Like this chest holster, made by Alaskans (made in Wasilla, to be specific) for Alaskans. This model made specifically for the Desert Eagle.

I also had them switch out my Mepros for the Trijicons I had bought back in December:

Now, my scope mount will fit! I'm shopping around some more for one, but I'll probably wind up ordering one online.

And, finally, some reloading supplies. Sportsman's Warehouse does carry Vihta-Vuori, and about every kind of bullet and primer you're looking for. I need to make sure they have the same grade of powder a friend uses in his .44 magnum loads. And, I need brass. They seem to be out of .44 brass.

And, while driving around town, I managed to do some pimpin' for H&K

A couple of guys over at Arctic Gunworks were talking about getting a USP. I happened to be carrying mine at the time (as I do whenever practical in urban environments), and, with the shop owner's permission (he gave a nod--man, Alaska is great), pulled it out, unloaded it, and let them fondle it a little.

They were looking for something more along the lines of a USP Tactical, with the threaded barrel. I told them Jarvis Barrels does that kind of custom work (Arctic Gunworks probably could, too), if the threaded barrel were all they were really looking for, and pointed them to HKPRO.com, where I got my USP for about $600.

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