06 October 2006

Anti Gun Guys' Brainwashing Keeps Them from Seeing the Problem

They can rant, they can scour the Net for gun violence articles, and they can most certainly spin. But there are two things they can't do:

1.) Admit that guns save lives.

2.) See that the problem with gun violence lies not in the tools themselves, but in the people that wield them.

For example, in this "rebuttal" (I'll let you emphasize whatever part of that word you wish) from Bryan Miller, a member of Ceasefire NJ, he tries to build logical support for his cause by telling the tale of how his brother was killed by a gun.

Tragic, yes. But what he doesn't tell you is that LEOs are usually not sent after law-abiding citizens. Said citizens do not carry "concealed illegal assault pistol[s]."

Aside: What's an assault pistol? What makes it an assault pistol? No clarification there (there rarely is from hoplophobes), but man, does that "assault" label give it a serious tone.

Miller claims he is not out to disarm the law-abiding (and in a show of magnanimity, tells the author of the article he is referring to to keep his guns), yet in the same breath calls for restricting gun availability to everyone.

Who is more apt to follow these rules? The point seems to be missed by Miller (quelle surprise) as well as the propagandist quoting him, with his running (and by "running," I speak of intellectual incontinence) commentary.

The burden will NOT be on the guys trafficking guns, despite your fantasies, bub. You forget that criminals do what they can to operate outside of the system.

It's something that's lost on these birdbrains every time. Check out the "Shooting Gallery" of Oct. 6, and you'll see what I mean.

"IN: Pacers player involved in shooting outside strip club" People who bother to read the article will see that the shot was fired in the air, in self-defense, and no one was injured by it. The three players all had CCW permits.

I suppose this is the closest we can get to an acknowledgement to the value of guns in self-defense, but note that the Gun Guys preface their list with "Gunfire ends even more lives on our cities’ streets, every single day of the week."

Whoops. Guess they missed that one. I wonder if they even read the article.

This gives me an idea to submit one of my own--"Alaska Man Involved in Shooting at Rural Dump Site." Four old cans of expired tomato product blown away, execution-style, with a high-capacity semi-automatic .44 magnum. The man is armed, and on the loose.

Or come up with one of your own! "Florida Family involved in Backyard Slaughter:" A family of Colombian immigrants had a pig roast on their property. "Camouflaged Gunmen Involved in Pennsyvlania Backwoods Shootout:" It's deer season!

"MO: Kansas City man charged in fatal shooting over dice game" The man is 20 years old, therefore, possessed that handgun illegally.

"OH: Student in critical condition after being shot in the face during volleyball match" Ditto. Perps involved were 18 and under (illegal possession of a handgun), and were involved in a robbery (criminal activity).

"NE: Sheriff’s deputy arrested in school shooting threat. Wha?" No details given about the circumstances involving the deputy. How convenient. Turns out the "threat" was a guy claiming to shoot a pellet gun for target practice. He was not charged.

No lives ended that day (but man, I bet that toke was tasty, Gun Guys!). But put the words "school" and "shooting" together, and you have instant hype.

"CA: Woman injured by gunfire during vigil for slain teen" The shooting was gang-related, according to police.

"WA: Man shot in face on Beacon Hill" Not a lot of details given, but that the local P.D.'s gang violence unit was brought in to handle it should tell you something.

The fella was injured, but not seriously. Strike three!

"KY: Bodies of four children and a wounded woman found after shooting" Very, very scant on details. The perp is supposedly a Somalian refugee (which screams to me "illegally acquired weapon"), who turned himself in to to the cops afterwards.

"IN: Woman dies in hospital from shooting a month ago" Motives will never be known regarding why a 80-year-old legally blind, wheelchair-bound man shot his caregiver, then involved himself in a four-hour standoff with police before shooting himself.

"TX: Shooting leads to police pursuit of black pickup truck" Conveniently again, this incident is lacking in a lot of detail (and no deaths mentioned).

Not that details matter to guys like these. Just mention "gun" to them, and you will get ovine moanings of "baaaaaan, baaaaaan."

So much for "straight shooting."

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