08 October 2006

Wisconsin, Thailand, and "World Opinion"

School shootings often prompt Lefties to stir up the gun debate again. Well, come to think of it, anything often stirs up the gun debate to a Leftie. A penny on the ground! It looks like the copper jacket of a bullet! That reminds me--we need to baaaaan guns!

However, when Libs want to debate domestic matters, they usually turn to "world opinion" to give them some semblance of moral high ground (although morals and Leftism go about as well together as a fl├╝gelhorn and an oosik).

If they understood the track record of "world opinion" (as discussed in this article by Dennis Prager), they might not be so quick to use it in their rhetoric.

But, regardless of that, if they are really that interested in following the examples of other countries, I wonder if they've bothered looking at Thailand recently in light of these school shootings. John Lott reports that in the face of threats of violence from the outside, they are encouraging their teachers to learn how to use guns.

"You'd never see a teacher anywhere else in Thailand carrying a gun," said Sanguan Jintarat, head of the Teachers' Association that oversees the 15,000 teachers in the villages and towns of the restive south. "But, we need them, or we'll die."

Will any moonbat take notice? It doesn't look promising. Like all things, "world opinion" only counts when it agrees with them, and you saw this in action when Representative Frank Lasee (R-Wisconsin) proposed arming teachers.

He quoted the situation in Thailand. Reactions?

It's lost on this senior at Wisconsin. Even though she recognizes what Lasee had to say about Thailand and Israel, I suppose it doesn't really count unless the country in question is France. Or Venezuela. Or Lesotho. Or Uruguay on days that have an "i" in them.

Ahhh, another rebuttal from the Badger Herald. Only here, the entire Editorial Board recognizes the success of what's been going on in Thailand! But because someone on the Right has proposed it, it must be an underhanded scheme to pander to (unidentified) "radical elements."

In Baltimore, it's not even considered. Not even mentioned. This columnist didn't even name the right Lasee (Frank approves, his distant cousin Alan does not). So much for attention to detail. But man, when they have something to say, you better pay attention!

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