22 October 2006

I Take Gun Safety Very Seriously

Even if the guns are fake. I got onto the case of some of our kids who have discovered the joys of airsoft. One got a Beretta 92F, another a Walther P99 (which seemed to me to be a little larger than the real thing, from what I remembered owning a SW99 several years ago).

At any rate, I was moving some furniture when a bunch of them were shooting each other near our bike rack.

I stopped the van and called the boys near, saying, "I know it's all fun, but I don't want to see you guys shooting each other with these without some sort of eye protection."

Since I've built something of a reputation of being the farm's pistol expert, I think they took it to heart. Hope so. They wouldn't like it too much if they had to go through life with only one eye.

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