24 October 2006

Taking Pornspamming to a New...er...Height?

I do have a Myspace account (look for "Jeremiad")--yeah, my brother got me started on it. Through it, however, I have come across quite a few decent gun owners.

Unfortunately, it also leaves you open to more pornspamming. Usually, it has all the hallmarks of a mass-marketing operation. Spam thousands of users with the same sort of impersonal message. Usually a link is involved, or in the case of Myspace, an invitation to be someone's friend.

I don't accept invitations outright. I check up on the profile. Always. And usually, you can tell the pornspammer. It poses to be some girl, very scant on details, but always has some sort of webcam link.

Except for this enterprising one.

I get this message, supposedly from the innocent-looking babe on the left:

hey Jeremiad
I liked your profile and would love to talk some more and maybe exchange some pics...or even meet up if you'd like? I would defenitely be into it. I check my e-mail more often then MySpace, so get me at kylynn9965@hotmail.com Anyway, have a good evening and maybe we'll meet sometime this week? Hope to talk to you soon!
love kacey:)

Okay, first of all, I don't know of many 23 -year-old PYTs with a horny streak soliciting possible encounters with a 36-year-old balding conservative Christian intellectual gun owner. Certainly not this conservative Christian intellectual gun owner.

And if, in the infinitesimal chance, it was the real deal? Nope. I prefer long-term commitments.

Needless to say, I am suspicious. So, I do a little research. Where to start? First of all, you check out their profile.

Now, unlike most pornspammers, this one paints a slightly more believable picture, thanks to the use of more verbage.

But I'm still not convinced this is the real deal. So, I google the given email address.

This is what I come up with--an account of a guy who was contacted by this same person. This pornspammer does follow-up emails, but eventually, they all end up in the same place...some adult website.

Read the account, if you're interested. It's almost hilarious. Especially when you see this person posing as so many similar, yet different, people all over the country.

Anyway, I responded by saying it was probably the most creative attempt at pornspamming I had ever seen, but no thanks.

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