14 October 2006

This One Ought to Aggravate a Few People

Cheeseheads, take notice! While you guys are wringing your hands over a mere proposal, another state is making Lasee's ideas reality.

Prospective journalists and other anti-RKBA propagandists ought to pencil in another appointment with your proctologists...this one is really going to wrench your sphincter...

Remember me discussing briefly Utah's recent litigation that nullifies school policy concerning guns on campus, where it conflicts with state law? (Look for it in Campus RKBA Roundup #2)

Well, how about a free concealed-carry class that's being offered for teachers in that state?

"School districts have long grappled with the guns-on-campus issue. Federal law bans weapons — real or fake — from school property. But Utah law now makes clear schools can't prevent people with concealed-weapons permits from carrying firearms on campuses. Granite School District's policy, for example, allows permit holders to keep their gun 'readily accessible for immediate use,' but bans teachers from leaving their weapons in a desk drawer or coat closet."

Several teachers are nervous about the measure. But think about it--if it makes them nervous, how do you think a would-be Eric Harris would feel?

Utah is going to be the state to watch for a while. I, for one, am looking forward to seeing Frank Lasee justified in his proposal.

Hat tip to BobG for letting me know about this.


JR said...

WI does not have any form of CHL for it's private citizens. What this legislator should be proposing is a shall issue law for all the citizens of WI. This law should not list school grounds as prohibited places for CHL. If state law allows licensed carry on school ground, this will include teacher and administrators. Utah is the only state that does not prohibit licensed carry on school property.

The Mad Hatter said...

JR, WI tried that earlier this year, and I think were defeated by a pretty narrow margin.

I know they won't give up on it totally.