24 October 2006

Noticed Something Interesting on Idiots With Guns

78 photos featured.

22 of them feature Glocks.



BobG said...

How do they compare in age groups? I've noticed that most younger people tend to sneer at guns like the 1911, and are in love with plastic guns. There could be a correlation between age and being safety minded, with the type of gun just being a side effect.

The Mad Hatter said...

Plus the fact that Glocks are heavily marketed. There are more out there, so the chances of them being in the hands of an idiot are also greater.

But I wouldn't put it past the youth mindset, Bob. Glocks are also part of the tough gun-guy mystique that Hollywood has unfortunately propagated.

BobG said...

I remember some years ago, when the 9mm was rediscovered, it used to be Berettas. All of a sudden, everyone wanted a Beretta "wonder nine", and those with 38 or 357 revolvers were looked upon as strange backwards people.