03 October 2006

"D" is for Defeat

I've been a fan of Republicans ever since Reagan was President. I was rather disappointed in Bush (#41) as President, but he was far better than the eight years immediately after his term. While I consider all politicians as suspect (too many compromises have to happen to hold public office, it seems), I hold the Republicans to be the lesser of two major evils. While they may not always espouse every agenda I hold dear, they line up a lot more consistently than the Dems.

Over at Cox & Forkum, a featured editorial gives some interesting insight into the Donkey Party:

[I]f you want to have a debate over how to fight and win the War on Terrorism, you'll have to have it within the right. The left contributes nothing but proposals for surrender, appeasement, and passivity. As far as the war is concerned, that "D" next to a candidate's name on the ballot stands for "defeat." ...

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