24 October 2006

Interview with a gun babe

Yesterday, I found myself in quite the enviable position.

A friend of mine and his family are moving off the farm, so I spent part of last week helping him pack and getting his stuff across river. Over 2 tons of stuff (no kidding), which we lifted by hand about five times before getting them in their crates to be shipped off to Georgia.

That wasn't the enviable part. Talking to the babe in the office was.

I should have brought my camera that day to treat you guys with a look of her. Incredible blue eyes, physically fit and evenly proportioned...straightforward personality, easy to talk to...everything about her held the promise of making any red-blooded American male very happy.

Including her stance on gun ownership. She was an ex-cop (yeah, yeah, I hear you guys, "frisk me, please!"), and had some pretty interesting views about the police force she used to work on (in short, if she ever went back to working in law enforcement, it wouldn't be in Alaska).

So I got to thinking, I've got to ask her what her views on concealed carry were. I've heard mixed opinions from cops on the subject--it was a chief of police who strongly recommended to me to get my CCW license, but you get guys like Sherriff Lee Baca who have got this "We're the Only Ones" mentality.

But anyway, getting back to the babe--If her opinions were negative, I'd try arguing with her about trusting your safety to a police organization you know is corrupt. But, there was no need for argument. She had no established opinion. Or, at best, an ambivalent one. As a citizen, she advocated RKBA and concealed carry, but as a former policewoman, she said it could possibly make her job a little more stressful, knowing that anyone could be armed.

Plus, since here in AK, anyone can carry concealed, not everyone takes time to educate themselves on what is legal--or prudent. So you get the occasional idiot who brings his gun into a bar.

But, as I said, she saw the point in lawful concealed carry, and carries herself on occasion.

Now the downside--she has a boyfriend. But happily, he is a gun geek, and they spend all sorts of time talking about different pistols and whatnot (the knife turns in my gut--all of the good ones are taken!). She said he is impressed with the Springfield XD, but she would stick to her Glocks.

Me, being the HK adherent I am, told her that if ever they were interested in looking into a new handgun, I strongly recommend the USP. I told her I'd show her my piece right then and there, but didn't know how my friend would react to being in the company of a brother who goes around armed.

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