12 October 2006

Eavesdropping on the Lefties

Did a quick Google News search for gun-related issues, and came across this piece from Blue Oregon:

Democrats and the Second Amendment


"When asked why Al Gore didn't become president in January of 2001, most Democrats refer to the theft of Florida. Point taken. But Al Gore's campaign spokesman, Doug Hattaway, mentions another state--Tennessee. And the reason, says Hattaway, that Gore lost his home state of Tennessee--along with the rest of the South and the Intermountain West--was because of the gun issue."

"But to promote that message requires consistency on the whole Constitution."

"Supporting the 2nd Amendment is the key to supporting the rest of the Constitution. And supporting the Constitution--as it is written--is the key to supporting our national identity and the rule of law."
I read in last month's NewsMax how the Dems are trying to retake the religious vote. Now they're rethinking their stance, or at least their rhetoric, on 2A. Moral: Spank someone hard enough and often enough, and they might get the lesson.

But this line is harder to swallow: "the rank and file Democrats in most districts have no impulse to curb 2nd Amendment rights."

Reactions to his article suggest otherwise:

"it's well past time to change the 2nd Amendment. Bowling for Columbine. Need I say more? It's just ridiculous the amount of guns that are in this country. Yes, I want to take away your guns. All of them."

"i realize this is just campaign rhetoric, and probably what people want to hear, but it's just wrong. the reason we have the 2nd amendment as it is ("A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed"), is because it was a poorly phrased compromise between those who wanted a ban on a standing army with universal local militia membership for defense, and others who wanted a strong standing army for defense.

jefferson tried to dismantle the army, but obviously he did not succeed. with a standing army, a militia is neither necessary, nor is it an effective counter force. so the 2nd amendment is basically a historical novelty. but whatever, i it is there, and i have no problem with it. good work on co-founding Gun Owners Caucus of the DPO."

And one guy who blows the whistle on it all:

"Zak may be pro-gun, but he is in great denial. The Democrat leadership (Clinton, Kerry, Kennedy, Pelosi, Schumer, Durbin, etc.) are all incredibly anti-gun. Nice try, but Zak needs to stop spreading his lie that the Democrat platform is pro-gun. Democrats stomp on the constitution and are frauds to try and pretend to be constitutionalists. The people of this country don't have the wrong "perception" on this issue. The Democrat voting records are crystal clear, and Zak’s condescending words simply aim to confuse. He should work harder on changing his party’s position, not on changing public perception."

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JR said...

Now that I have started blogging, I read more and more of the left wing anti gun propaganda. I am sometimes stunned by some of the anti gun ideas that they have. Some of the things they come up with makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

What appals me is that they have an audience, a voting audience that emboldens them and allows them to come up with even more whacked out ideas on firearm confiscation.